In 2015 I completed a full season working on a conservation corps with the Rocky Mountain Youth Corps (RMYC). In retrospect, this was the most defining time of my life. Working for RMYC allowed me to truly experience the American wilderness in all of its grandeur – living out of a tent, rising with the sun and sleeping under the stars. Sweating through hot dusty summer days (and quite a few cold and rainy days) I felt my work filled with purpose and meaning.

It is abundantly clear that our Public Lands need us now more than ever. The Conservation Nation was started to encourage young adults to take up the banner of stewardship and spend a season working to conserve public lands. Through personal stories, gear reviews, and job listings, this site will serve as a resource for anyone considering working for a conservation corps.

If you have any questions about conservation corps programs, or would like to share your story, please contact us.

Thanks for visiting The Conservation Nation, we wish you the best in all of your outdoor endeavors,

-Brian Pinkard, Founder

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